• How to remove Yessearches.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Yessearches.com Browser Hijacker

    How to get rid of the Yessearches.com browser hijacker

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    What is Yessearches.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Yessearches.com is a fairly new, but very dangerous browser hijacker, that our security researchers have warned us about. Yessearches.com also is capable of infiltrating your system silently and without your consent. When Yessearches.com is activated, it will modify the browser’s settings and windows registry just to set itself as default home page/new tab & search engine. The browser hijacker is distributed using various methods, including the “software bundling” method, which allows the developers to install all kind of software products, along with other legitimate free programs, usually requested by the user. This is considered a deceptive & misleading technique, which allows installation of software that is neither wanted  nor requested by the user. When the browser gets infected and the user performs a search – he/she will be redirected to http://Yessearches.com, where the search results will be compromised and loaded with spam and third-party advertising. [Read More…]