• How to remove MyImagePinBoard Toolbar

    How to remove MyImagePinBoard Toolbar

    How to remove myimagepinboard toolbar

    What is MyImagePinBoard Toolbar:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    MyImagePinBoard Toolbar or just My Image Pinboard Tab is a web browser add-on/extension, developed by Mindspark Interactive Network Inc and powered by Ask.com. The MyImagePinBoard Toolbar is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by the majority of the reputable security researchers, mainly because it is distributed using various software bundles, which could bring up very dangerous ad-supported freeware products. After a thorough inspection, our malware experts classified it as a browser hijacker. The MyImagePinBoard Toolbar usually arrives as a drive-by installation, brought by some freeware product, which was hidden in the Custom and/or Advanced section of the bundle installer. It is distributed by various suspicious or even dangerous software bundles and the normal user behavior is to agree with everything and just click next, next, next until the finish button appears – that’s what these guys are counting on – the easiest way to install an unwanted program on one’s machine is to put it in a bundle … That’s why all security experts strongly recommend all customers and visitors to read very careful, what they are agreeing to install and if possible to always opt-out for custom or advanced installation – this simple trick will save you a lot of time, loss data, troubles and money! During the installation process the MyImagePinBoard toolbar will try to change browser and windows settings, making the recovery much harder. Next time you start your browser, your default search engine will be Ask.com and the default URL for all new tabs will be http://search.ask.com/. The browser hijacker will take over every popular web browser on the victim’s PC, and will change and compromise browser settings such as the home page and the default search engine. When finished, the user will notice that the web searches will be redirected to http://search.ask.com. Our security experts warned us, that we have to consider the search results compromised and full of SPAM, adware and/or 3rd party advertising. [Read More…]