• How to remove TVplusNewTabSearch.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove TVplusNewTabSearch.com Browser Hijacker

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    How to remove TVplusnewtabsearch.com browser hijacker


    What is TVplusNewTabSearch.com:

    Threat Classification: PUP/Browser Hijacker

    If your web browser start using TVplusNewTabSearch.com as your default search engine, homepage or as default URL for New Tabs, we strongly recommend you perform a malware scan on your system asap (as soon as possible), as it appears that this website (TVPlusNewTabSearch.com) is associated with multiple adware / browser hijacking infections – more specific it was used to monetize the hijacked traffic, by showing lots of web ads. According to our malware researchers, the TVplusNewTabSearch.com is identical to the FunSafeTabSearch.com search redirector and it modifies default search engine or default New Tabs URL. TVplusNewTabSearch.com has been classified as a bogus and unwanted search website, designed and build to override your browser settings and modify them to set-up new homepage, a default URL for New Tabs and search scopeTVplusNewTabSearch.com. Our malware researchers & security advisers performed multiple tests and a very thorough review, uncovering the TVplusNewTabSearch.com true agenda, which seems to be promoting various suspicious and questionable software and displaying lots of unwanted nor requested or required ads, banners pop-ups, and pop-unders, for monetizing the hijacked web traffic. Our security experts issued a warning regarding the Recipe Star website – basically, if you saw TVplusNewTabSearch.com in your browser, you should consider your computer compromised and infected and in order to clean it, we strongly suggest you scan and remove this website from your browser and to protect your private data. TVplusNewTabSearch.com usually comes after being installed by some questionable software bundle, that was configured to set-up TVplusNewTabSearch.com as your default search engine, homepage or URL for the New Tabs and to start showing you lots of ads on almost all web pages. The web traffic, generated by these  browser hijackers could easily be monetized via one of the many online marketing platforms. According to our malware researchers, the TVplusNewTabSearch.com is a Browser Hijacker / Search Redirect, that is capable of hijacking your web browsers and overriding their settings without owner’s consent or some other permission. If your system starts experiencing performance issues, we strongly recommend you scan your system and remove all the threats found by the award-winning anti-malware suite SpyHunter 4. TVplusNewTabSearch.com hijacker works with all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. [Read More…]