• How to remove Search.jaijobox.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Search.jaijobox.com Browser Hijacker

    How to delete Search.jaijobox.com Browser Hijacker


    What is Search.jaijobox.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    After receiving several complaints from some of our customers regarding the Search.jaijobox.com, we’ve forwarded them to our security experts and they issued a warning regarding the Search.jaijobox.com browser hijacker and search redirector website – they came to the conclusion that the Search.jaijobox.com is capable of infiltrating user’s systems without consent by deceiving their victims and take over their browser’s homepage and search settings. It has been categorized as dangerous hijacker & search redirector by the majority of the reputable security researchers around the world, our security department also contributed with this simple test & experiment, that had shown how it earns revenue by injecting sponsor links and using affiliate cookies to try to get some affiliate commission, by creating a tracking cookie on your computer, that will be read from the affiliate tracker site in case of successful sale of course. For these guys every search is a potential sale and at the end of the day the only thing it counts in the real world is the cash (according to the malware developer opinion)! Our security advisers have issued a warning about the Search.jaijobox.com browser hijacker – basically they warned us that we should avoid using it at all costs or deny installing everything that the Search.jaijobox.com will offer us – all kinds of programs, applications or browser software! However, if your computer has already been infected by the Search.jaijobox.com hijacker & search redirector, your browser will most likely start by loading the Search.jaijobox.com as your default new tab homepage and/or search engine. In such cases, our security experts are recommending running a full system malware scan with some very good, reliable and reputable anti-malware software application, just like SpyHunter 4. Our security advisers concluded that Search.jaijobox.com appears to be related with some very suspicious, questionable or even malicious programs, usually distributed via infected software bundles, infected SPAM e-mails, infected torrent and/or other P2P (Peer-2-Peer) downloads and of course – it could be activated by another malware infection – already active. The majority of the recent malware infections are distributed via suspicious or questionable software bundles, that are often configured to install several dangerous programs in stealth or silent mode – without the user exact knowledge. Our security experts have classified Search.jaijobox.com as a dangerous and vicious browser hijacker, capable of infiltrating systems silently and without users’ consent, as a part of a suspicious software bundle, that was intentionally configured to install it using silent/stealth installation method. The initial malware infection activation procedure by Search.jaijobox.com will start by modifying Browsers’ Settings and even Windows OS Registry database so it could become the default home page/new tab & search engine and start just before every anti-virus software, making the protection & the recovery of the targeted PC very complicated. The browser hijacker is distributed mostly by using the so called software bundling method, which basically allows application or website developers to install all kinds of suspicious software, alongside with their popular free products and start earning cash for the crapware distributors,. Although this is perfectly legal and everything is described in the EULA (End User’s License Agreement), recently the majority of the reputable security community members started consider it a deceptive & misleading technique, which allows installation of software that is neither wanted nor requested by the user. When You should also understand that even though that the browser hijacker might look like a regular website with perfectly normal search results, you should understand that the developer actually makes money by changing the position of the searched item/keyword – presumable this will be the hijacker’s sponsor – it will generate more revenue, if more people are clocking on it – how can you do this – by manipulating the search results – just by moving several sponsor ads on the hijacker’s first page, the Search.jaijobox.com will make at least 20-30 times more money only from one sponsor. We just want to make clear that, you should consider http://Search.jaijobox.com as a dangerous hijacker and it is almost certain that the search results are compromised, loaded with SPAM and/or other 3rd party sponsor advertising. [Read More…]