• How to remove Search.hwatchtvnow.co Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Search.hwatchtvnow.co Browser Hijacker

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    How to remove Search.hwatchtvnow.co hijacker

    How to remove Search.hwatchtvnow.co hijacker


    What is Search.hwatchtvnow.co:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    According to our malware researchers the Search.hwatchtvnow.co website (a.k.a. Watch TV Now) is a browser hijacker, that could modify web browser settings related to the default search engine, URL for New Tabs and the starting page, without users’ consent. Our researchers were able to intercept some suspicious software downloaders/bundles, which are set by default to make system and browser modifications and set Search.hwatchtvnow.co hijacker via stealth mode, without users’ consent or authorization. The majority of the malware researchers on Internet have also concluded, that the Search.hwatchtvnow.co browser hijacker (a.k.a. Watch TV Now virus) represents a serious threat to users’ online identity and their computer safety. That’s why, after taking into consideration all the data, our security experts recommended all affected users to perform a full system malware scan on their computers, using some up-to-date, reputable and reliable anti-malware software tool, just like the award-winning SpyHunter. [Read More…]