• How to remove Safesear.ch Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Safesear.ch Browser Hijacker

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    How to remove Safesear.ch browser hijacker

    How to remove Safesear.ch browser hijacker


    What is Safesear.ch:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    If you have stumbled upon the Safesear.ch (a.k.a. SafeSearch) browser hijacker, you probably have already noticed, that the manual web browser settings modifications won’t work as expected – basically they will revert back the Safesear.ch as default search engine, default URL for the New Tabs or default starting page. Unfortunately, we have another bad news for you – as you may already suspect, your computer is infected by a malware – a type of web browser infection, designed to promote a specific website (and earning revenue of course) by sticking it on literally 10,000 of web browser homepages, search pages or New Tabs worldwide – it is called a browser hijacker. The Safesear.ch browser hijacker is primarily distributed using highly suspicious software bundles, that were set by default to use either silent or stealth installation method and to make system and browser modifications, without users’ consent! After some additional research, our malware experts came to the conclusion, that the SafeSear.ch browser hijacker should be considered a threat to users’ online identity and computer safety and that’s why, our security experts are recommending all affected users to perform a full system malware scan on their computers, using an up-to-date, reputable and reliable anti-malware software, just like the award-winning SpyHunter. [Read More…]