• How to remove Your-search.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Your-Search.com Browser Hijacker

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    How to remove Your-Search.com browser hijacker

    How to remove Your-Search.com browser hijacker


    What is Your-Search.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Recently, our experts have notified us, that the Your-Search.com (a.k.a. Your Search by Trovi) is been promoted using a browser hijacker, that modifies user’s settings for the default search engine, URL for New Tabs and/or starting page and is usually distributed in various software bundles with some popular software programs across the Internet. After researching into this issue, we’ve found out, that the respected and reputable malware researchers on the Internet have classified Your-Search.com as a dangerous browser hijacker and they consider it as a threat to users’ online identity and computer safety. We’ve also found out, that the majority of the affected users were absolutely sure, that they didn’t set Your-Search.com set as default search engine and default URL for the New Tabs in their web browser settings on purpose and are even searching for how to get rid of Your-search.com. Our security experts are recommending all users, that value online privacy and computer security to initiate a malware scan on their systems, using an up-to-date, reputable and reliable anti-malware software, just like the award-winning SpyHunter. [Read More…]