• How to remove Websearch.hotfindings.info Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Websearch.hotfindings.info Browser Hijacker

    How to get rid of websearch.hotfindings.info browser hijacker

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    What is Websearch.hotfindings.info:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Websearch.hotfindings.info is a vicious browser hijacker, that is capable of getting on the user’s computer without asking for permission. Once there it will modify the browser configuration, making the removal and the recovery even harder. The hijacker is designed so it could re-install itself again and again, making the un-install and removal procedures useless. Once on active on the victim’s computer, the Websearch.hotfindings.info will change the browser settings and will set itself as a default home page/start page and the default search engine as well. When the victim performs a web search, his/her browser will start showing altered results from http://Websearch.hotfindings.info/. Most likely the search results might have being compromised, and they contain SPAM and other 3rd party advertising, which could bring up even more infections to the victim’s computer. [Read More…]