• How to remove SearchAssistant.co Browser Hijacker

    How to remove SearchAssistant.co Browser Hijacker

    How to remove SearchAssistant.co browser hijacker


    What is SearchAssistant.co:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    SearchAssistant.co is just another fake, bogus and deceptive Web search engine and even though, that it may appear regular & legit, because of the add-ons it uses, our malware researchers performed some tests & experiments and finally they concluded, that SearchAssistant.co is a dangerous Browser Hijacker and/or Search Redirecting virus, developed, designed & build for a single purpose only – make money for its developers/owners, by driving as much traffic as possible to certain websites, part of some affiliate programs or sponsored links. Our malware research team concluded that the SearchAssistant.co is a dangerous browser hijacker/search redirector, capable of modifying web browser settings without users consent or other permission. Furthermore, once the SearchAssistant.co browser hijacker gets active, it modifies the browser’s settings and windows settings, making the recovery nearly impossible. The SearchAssistant.co browser hijacker virus is distributed mainly by the pay-per-install software bundles, which are usually installed, because they claim to provide some other popular freeware product, but these software bundles are full of adware, spyware, fake antivirus and/or rogue optimization tools, which are often installed using silent or stealth installation method (they are hidden in the Express or Custom section of the software bundle installer). Our malware researchers & security experts strongly recommends you to avoid any search results or suggestions by SearchAssistant.co, because these are compromised and could make your web browser begin using SearchAssistant.co as your homepage or startpage, default search engine and/or as a default URL for all of your New Tabs. Please keep in mind – once activated, the SearchAssistant.co will get your browsing habits, because it starts collecting various private browsing information from your browser. We recommend you to remove SearchAssistant.co as soon as possible, by performing a full system scan using the award-winning anti-malware suite called SpyHunter 4. SearchAssistant.co hijacker works with all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. [Read More…]