• How to remove Search.myway.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Search.MyWay.com Browser Hijacker

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    How to remove Search.myway.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Search.myway.com Browser Hijacker

    What is Search.myway.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Recently, we’ve started receiving lots of emails from various users, which have reported multiple issues while removing Search.MyWay.com from their browser settings. In general, multiple users reported complaints, that they were not able to modify their web browser settings for the default search engine, homepage or default URL for New Tabs, which were set to Search.MyWay.com and that they need help removing it from their web browsersWhen the user performs a search, it will be redirected to http://Search.myway.com/. The search results will be compromised, and they would show up information loaded with spam and third-party advertising.Furthermore, the majority of the users didn’t recall having authorized such web browser setting’s change at all. We’ve forwarded some of these emails to our security experts and they’ve conducted some tests, which basically have concluded, that the Search.MyWay.com is behaving as a browser hijacker. According to the majority of the reputable malware researchers, Search.MyWay.com is indeed a browser hijacker, which is capable of taking over various computers without user’s consent, as in most cases the distribution was carried by some suspicious software bundles. Our experts pointed out, that most of these software bundles are using some rogue software downloaders/installers, which are set to use silent or stealth installation method, which appeared to be responsible for the unauthorized browser settings change. [Read More…]