• Ads by OpenBrowserVersion Removal Tool & Removal Guide

    Ads by OpenBrowserVersion Removal

    How to get rid of "Ads by OpenBrowserVersion"

    How to remove OpenBrowserVersion Ads, How to remove Ads by OpenBrowserVersion, How to remove “by OpenBrowserVersion” adware, How to remove OpenBrowserVersion virus


    What is OpenBrowserVersion:

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    OpenBrowserVersion or Ads by OpenBrowserVersion or OpenBrowserVersion Ads is an adware application, capable of displaying pop-up ads and advertisements on almost every web page that you visit. It is considered a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and/or adware program, which display various advertisements shown as pop-up boxes with coupons, underlined keywords, advertisement banners and sponsored links when browsing on the Internet. Usually at the top or at the bottom of the banners, coupon boxes or pop-up windows, there is an inscription, which shows the name of the infection – “Ads by OpenBrowserVersion”, “OpenBrowserVersion Ads”, “By OpenBrowserVersion”, “Powered by OpenBrowserVersion”, “Brought by OpenBrowserVersion” or “Brought to you by OpenBrowserVersion”. OpenBrowserVersion loads unwanted advertisements on almost every webpage you visit and it is compatible with all well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]