• How to remove GoToFindit.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove GoToFindit.com Browser Hijacker

    How to delete GoToFindIt.com browser hijacker

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    What is GoToFindit.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    GoToFindit.com is a fairly new, but very vicious and dangerous browser hijacker. GoToFindit.com is capable of infiltrating victim’s computers silently and without asking for their consent. Moreover, when GoToFindit.com gets active, it starts modifying windows registry database and browser’s settings so it could become the default home page/new tab & search engine. There are various methods of this browser hijacker distribution – including P2P networks, SPAM, Spearfishing and of course the software bundling method, which allows the adware developers to install by default their programs, together along with some popular free or ad-supported software. This is considered a deceptive and misleading technique, which allows installation of software that is neither wanted  nor requested by the user. When the browser gets infected, all searches will be redirected to http://GoToFindit.com/, where the search results will be presumably from Google Custom Search, however it is not sure that the search results are indeed from Google – they might have been compromised and full of SPAM or other 3rd party advertising. [Read More…]