• How to remove Emailtabsearch.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Emailtabsearch.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove emailtabsearch.com browser hijacker


    What is Emailtabsearch.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Emailtabsearch.com is a bogus and deceptive search website, developed by Upside Innovations Inc. and like all the deceptive, bogus and unwanted search engines, this one has the same goal – to earn more money for its owners, by driving as much traffic as possible to certain websites, part of some affiliate programs or sponsored links.  Our malware researchers conducted a thorough inspection and ran multiple tests and finally they found out, that Emailtabsearch.com is indeed a dangerous Browser Hijacker / Search Redirect virus, capable of taking over your browser and overriding its settings without user’s consent or any other permission. When the Emailtabsearch.com hijacker becomes active, it modifies system & browser settings, setting up Emailtabsearch.com as default search engine, homepage and default URL for new tabs. The Emailtabsearch.com virus is distributed using various pay-per-install software bundles, SPAM emails, infected torrent downloads and other P2P file sharing services. Our malware experts strongly recommend you to avoid any search results or suggestions by Emailtabsearch.com, because they could easily compromise your system and modify your current browser settings, setting up Emailtabsearch.com as your default search engine and homepage. Furthermore, if you experience some problems with your system while having Emailtabsearch.com, we strongly recommend you to remove it by using the award-winning anti-malware suite SpyHunter 4. Emailtabsearch.com hijacker works with all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. [Read More…]