• How to get rid of the Macosxcleaner.com Pop-up Ads

    How to get rid of the Macosxcleaner.com Pop-up Ads

    How to delete Macosxcleaner.com Pop-up Ads

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    What is Macosxcleaner.com:

    Threat Classification: Adware

    Macosxcleaner.com is a malicious domain, used by the cyber criminals to re-route traffic from various adware applications, to their sponsor links or to provide you with FAKE Remote Support Services. If you start getting Ads or Pop-ups by Macosxcleaner.com, your computer has already being infected by an adware. Once active, you should start getting various strange pop-up ads, messages or even audio warnings when you start your browser and the Macosxcleaner.com begins loading. Macosxcleaner.com is a new kind of website, used by the cyber crooks & adware creators & command & controllers – to re-direct the traffic from a bunch of adware infections to their sponsor programsAll these ads are caused by a malicious browser extension adware, distributed via one of the many online advertising or marketing platforms or suspicious software “bundles”, often exploited by cyber crooks. The Macosxcleaner.com Ads are caused by an ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The adware is capable of displaying ads on random webpages, including pop-up windows and is compatible with all well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]