• How to remove TabNewSearch.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove TabNewSearch.com Browser Hijacker

    How to delete TabNewSearch.com Browser Hijacker


    What is TabNewSearch.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    TabNewSearch.com was classified as a vicious browser hijacker by the majority of the reputable security researchers around the world and after performing some extensive testing, our security experts came to the same conclusion as well – TabNewSearch.com has been classified as a malicious browser hijacker. Our security researchers have issued a warning about the TabNewSearch.com browser hijacker – basically they warned us that we should avoid using it at all costs or to deny installing various toolbars, search enhancers or extension for you browser from the TabNewSearch.com! However, if your computer has already being infected by TabNewSearch.com hijacker and your browser starts with TabNewSearch.com as your default new tab homepage and/or search engine, we recommend you to run a full system malware scan with some reputable anti-malware software product just like SpyHunter 4. Furthermore, our security advisers concluded that TabNewSearch.com seems to be somehow related with several questionable or even malicious programs, usually distributed via infected software bundles, infected SPAM emails, infected torrent or other P2P downloads etc. As you probably already know, currently the majority of the malware infections are distributed via suspicious or questionable software bundles, that are often configured to install several programs without the user exact knowledge – this is done in silent or stealth mode, away from the eyes of the victim. Our security experts have classified TabNewSearch.com as a dangerous and vicious browser hijacker, capable of infiltrating systems silently and without users’ consent, as a part of a suspicious software bundle, that was intentionally configured to install it using silent installation procedure. The TabNewSearch.com activation will modifying the browser’s settings and windows registry database so it could become the default home page/new tab & search engine. The browser hijacker is distributed mostly by using the “software bundling” method, which basically allows developers to install all kinds of suspicious software application, along with the popular free programs, often originally requested by the user. Although this is perfectly legal, it is widely considered a deceptive & misleading technique, which allows installation of software that is neither wanted nor requested by the user. When the browser gets infected and the user performs a search – he/she will be redirected to http://TabNewSearch.com, where the search results should be considered compromised and loaded with SPAM and/or other 3rd party advertising. [Read More…]