• How to remove WindowPolicies Ads

    How to remove Ads by WindowPolicies

    How to delete WindowPolicies Ads


    What is WindowPolicies

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    If you’ve installed lately some free and popular program, using a suspicious software bundle, it is very likely that you’ve brought to your system an adware infection, capable of showing many unwanted, but very irritating Ads by WindowPolicies (Ads by WindowPolicies), If you see these Ads by WindowPolicies on your machine, our security specialists strongly advise you to perform a malware scan, using an up-to-date, reputable & reliable anti-malware software, just like the award-winning SpyHunter 4. Our security experts also found out that the WindowPolicies Ads are caused by a malicious browser extension called WindowPolicies, that is capable of infiltrating various computer systems without asking for user’s permission or their consent. After running some more tests, our security analysts concluded that this malware infection has been designed and developed only to earn some revenue for its developers by showing their sponsor ads/links on almost every web page, requested by the user. After some further tests, our security researchers discovered that once the adware gets active, it starts collecting various private information from the victim’s computer including Web Searches, Browsing History & Information, Usernames & Passwords, E-mail addresses, Cookies, Location History, Names, SSN, Credit Card information and/or other private financial information and even online banking accounts information, which later will be either sold or shared with some 3rd party company, that will use your private data for their own marketing purposes. Our security experts warned us, that although WindowPolicies pretends to provide many useful & handy features, it was classified as a dangerous adware and/or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by the majority of the reputable malware researchers around the world. The adware contains a malicious browser extension, distributed via questionable or even suspicious software bundles, configured to install the WindowPolicies by default using silent or stealth mode, hiding it from the potential victims, among with some other malware infections! If your display starts getting overflown by these annoying ads “by WindowPolicies” , “Ads by WindowPolicies”, “WindowPolicies Ads”, “Ad by WindowPolicies”, “Powered by WindowPolicies”, “Brought by WindowPolicies”, “Optimized by WindowPolicies” or “Brought to you by WindowPolicies” – you should consider your computer infected by the WindowPolicies adware. Please note, that all of these ads, shown by the WindowPolicies extension should NOT BE considered SAFE and we strongly advise you to avoid interacting and/or clicking on them! After performing multiple tests and experiments, our malware researchers came to the conclusion that WindowPolicies works fine with all the well-known web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]