• How to remove Screen Addict Toolbar

    How to remove Screen Addict Toolbar

    How to delete Screen Addict Toolbar

    What is Screen Addict Toolbar:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    Screen Addict Toolbar is an application developed by TheWhizProducts.com company and should allows you to is considered a malicious browser hijacker by the majority of the security research teams around the globe. After performing a closer review, our security experts have classified the Screen Addict Toolbar as a malicious browser hijacker and a PUP as well. It has been distributed via some suspicious or even dangerous software bundles and people are often not properly informed what exactly is going to be installed on their personal computer with this software bundle. This usually leads to confusion, where does this pesky Screen Addict Toolbar came from?! Once installed on the victim’s computer, the bad toolbar will first try and modify the browsers settings & windows registry database, making the recovery even harder, then it changes the default search engine to Ask.com and the default new tab home page to http://home.tb.ask.com. The browser hijacker will attach itself to every popular and widely used web browser on the victim’s PC, and will compromise the browser`s settings such as the home page and the default search engine. So when next time the user performs a web search, it will be redirected to http://search.mysearch.com/. Even though the Home Page may look and feel just like any regular, legit and even useful web page, don’t forget that you are dealing with people interested ONLY in revenue increase, which basically means that although the search results appeared just OK, it don’t means that they are the correct ones! Our advice is to consider the search results compromised and full of SPAM and 3rd party advertising. [Read More…]