• How to remove Ads by Weather Alert

    How to remove Ads by Weather Alert

    How to get rid of the Weather Alert Ads


    What is Weather Alert:

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    If your computer starts showing in your web browser a lot of  the most annoying Ads by Weather Alert, we strongly advise you to run a full system malware scan on your computer with some reputable anti-malware software product like SpyHunter 4. Our security team has came to conclusion that these Ads are often caused by a malicious software, installed in a form of a browser add-on, browser plugin or extension on your computer and is a part of a dangerous malware infection, which tries to steal various private information, usernames, passwords or even financial information. Our security experts have warned us that although Weather Alert claims to provide lots of useful features, it has been classified as a dangerous adware and a PUP by the majority of the security teams around the world. After running some tests our security department found out that, the adware contains a malicious browser extension, that was distributed mainly via questionable or even dangerous software bundles, configured to install the Weather Alert by default in silent (or stealth) mode, concealing it from the victims. This kind of adware is used by developers to generate income by redirecting web traffic to their sponsor links or ads. If your desktop is overflown by ads “by Weather Alert” , “Ads by Weather Alert”, “Weather Alert Ads”, “Ad by Weather Alert”, “Powered by Weather Alert”, “Brought by Weather Alert”, “Optimized by Weather Alert” or “Brought to you by Weather Alert”  you should consider your computer infected by the Weather Alert adware. Furthermore, it could collect all kind of sensitive and private information from your computer, including browsing history, tracking cookies, usernames, emails, IP addresses and even financial information. Please note, that the ads, shown by the Weather Alert should not be considered as safe and you should avoid clicking on them! The adware works just fine with all the well-known web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]