• How to remove InboxNow Toolbar

    How to remove InboxNow Toolbar

    How to remove inboxnow toolbar

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    What is InboxNow Toolbar:

    Threat Classification: Adware/Browser Hijacker/PUP

    InboxNow or InboxNow Toolbar is an application, which is considered an adware, a malicious browser hijacker and a PUP by the majority of the security researchers. Once installed on the victim’s computer, the toolbar will take over the search functions of the browser and will modify its settings in such a way, that it will make the recovery even harder! Furthermore, it starts changes the default search engine to Ask.com and the default home page to http://home.tb.ask.com. The browser hijacker will attach itself to every popular web browser on the victim’s PC, to compromise the browser`s settings such as the home page and the default search engine. When the user performs a search, it will be redirected to http://home.tb.ask.com/. The search results should be considered compromised – usually they are loaded with SPAM and third-party advertising. [Read More…]