• How to remove Tide Search Adware

    How to remove Tide Search Adware

    How to uninstall Tide Search by SuperWeb LLC


    What is Tide Search:

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    Tide Search (a.k.a. TideSearch.net or Nt.tidesearch.net) claims to be an Internet search results refiner, which will save you a lot of time by refining your search results, however after multiple tests and experiments our security researchers were not able to achieve any significant refining and they concluded that the Tide Search is just another Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), which primary goal is to earn money for its developers by showing lots and lots of web ads. Tide Search has been created by the notorious SuperWeb LLC, authors of many popular adware like Cash Kitten, Customer Promos, Jazz Spot, Elements Peruse, Great Hub etc. Although the Tide Search may try to look and feel just like a regular and legitimate web service, the majority of the reputable security researchers has classified it as a dangerous adware and/or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), capable of causing lots of damage and even data loss on your computer. Our security specialists strongly recommend you to remove Tide Search asap and to run a full system malware scan – using an up-to-date, reputable and reliable anti-malware software like the award-winning SpyHunter 4. The Tide Search Adware is dangerous mainly, because of the intrusive and irritating web ads, which could easily be exploited by a hacker and inject even more dangerous infections on your system. After performing a thorough analysis our security researchers warned us that Tide Search Ads are generated by a malicious browser extension and although Tide Search claims to provide useful service, which improves your browsing experience, we were not able to confirm that claim, however what we can confirm is that the Tide Search is a dangerous malware product, capable of continues monitoring your web traffic, intercepting usernames, passwords, browsing history and locations. Although some people may claim that this data is insignificant, however, it might contain personally identifiable details and the worst thing is that SuperWeb LLC will either sale or share this information with 3rd parties, which later will use it for their marketing purposes. The distribution of these kinds of malware infections is mainly done via suspicious or questionable software bundles, often configured to perform a silent or stealth installation to hide these additional installs from the victims. Once installed, the Tide Search Adware will change your browser and system settings, making it much harder to remove. If you have Tide Search installed on your PC, your browser will most likely be filled with some intrusive and very annoying web ads, banners, pop-up windows or other 3rd party advertisements. If you start getting various web ads, claiming that they are – By Tide Search, Ads by Tide Search, Tide Search Ads, Powered By Tide Search, Brought by Tide Search or Brought to you by Tide Search – you should consider your computer infected by a dangerous malware and we strongly recommend you to remove the Tide Search adware as soon as possible. It seems that the Tide Search adware works with all the well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]