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    GuardBytes Plus Removal

    How to get rid of GuardBytes Plus

    How to remove GuardBytes Plus

    What is GuardBytes Plus:

    Threat Classification: Rogueware

    GuardBytes Plus is a rogueware program, which pretends to be a computer optimization tool that helps user locating and solving various problems, however GuardBytes Plus is just another PC virus from the Braviax/FakeRean family that uses misleading techniques common for any of the newer rogue AntiVirus or AntiSpyware tools.

    GuardBytes Plus should be considered extremely dangerous, because its main aim is to make money and collect sensitive information from the victims. This is why this rogueware infection should be removed immediately from infected computer. GuardBytes Plus is often bundled with other adware products, which might have been already installed on your computer. The GuardBytes Plus rogueware injects itself into the system and changes permission policies and modifies the registry. GuardBytes Plus masks itself as a legitimate program. The possible distribution of the GuardBytes Plus varies but is not limited to – downloading fake Windows updates, installing software “supposedly” required to view an online video, clicking on ads or banners, downloading e-mail attachments or receiving files through a social media website or software. [Read More…]