• How to remove LocalMoxie.com Search Hijacker

    How to remove LocalMoxie.com Search Hijacker

    How to remove LocalMoxie.com search hijacker


    What is LocalMoxie.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    LocalMoxie.com is a deceptive search website, that may try to look like any regular and legit internet search engine, however after running a thorough inspection, our malware researchers classified it as a dangerous Browser Hijacker or Search Redirect, designed for one puspose only to make money for its developers/owners, by driving as much traffic as possible to certain websites, part of some affiliate programs or sponsored links. Our malware researchers concluded, that LocalMoxie.com is a dangerous browser hijacker/search redirector, capable of modifying web browser settings without users’ consent or other permission. The LocalMoxie.com browser hijacker is distributed usually as a drive-by installation by some suspicious software bundles, which are distributed by malicious and even dangerous websites. These software bundles are usually installed, because of some popular freeware product, but along with it came some additional installs – adware, spyware or fake antivirus and/or optimization tools, which were installed using silent or stealth installation method. Our security researchers strongly recommends you to avoid any search results or suggestions by LocalMoxie.com. These are compromised and are full of SPAM or other 3rd party ads. If your computer is infected by the LocalMoxie.com, your web browser will start using LocalMoxie.com as your homepage, default search engine and default URL for your new tabs. Please keep in mind – all your search results are compromised and most likely your browsing habits are closely monitored and some of your private browsing data will be collected. If you wish to remove LocalMoxie.com, we recommend you to perform a full system malware scan using the award-winning malware protection and removal suite called SpyHunter 4. We also strongly encourage all our visitors to learn more about the SpyHunter’s Extra Features! You should at least know the very basics of How to use the Spyware HelpDesk,  How to send a Support Log and How to open a Support Ticket. Please note, that these are only a small part of the many extra features from the SpyHunter 4 Security Suite, which are available with every active subscription. LocalMoxie.com hijacker works with all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. [Read More…]