• How to remove Gem Grab Ads

    How to remove Gem Grab Ads

    How to delete Gem Grab

    How to remove Gem Grab Ads, How to remove Ads by Gem Grab, How to remove “by Gem Grab” adware, How to remove Gem Grab virus


    What is Gem Grab:

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    Gem Grab or Gem Grab Ads is a browser plugin, which is described as a browser enhancement tool, that will help you save money by finding the best deals on the Internet, however we recommend you avoid installing it on your computer, because it is classified as an adware and a PUP for several reasons – because of the distribution method it uses – “bundling” and because of its suspicious activity while working – gathering private data from you.  Gem Grab is capable of showing various annoying & unwanted advertisements on almost every webpage you visit. Once installed, the Gem Grab adware quickly corrupts the browser’s settings, making the recovery even harder. If you start getting various web ads, claiming that they are – “By Gem Grab”“Ads by Gem Grab”, “Gem Grab Ads”, “Powered by Gem Grab”, “Brought by Gem Grab” or “Brought to you by Gem Grab” – you should consider your computer infected. Gem Grab appears to work with all the well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]