• Windows Prime Accelerator Removal Tool & Removal Guide

    Windows Prime Accelerator Removal


    What is Windows Prime Accelerator:

    Threat Classification: Rogueware

    Windows Prime Accelerator is a malicious rogueware from the Rogue.FakeVimes family that pretends to be a legitimate antivirus security program. It produces fake messages that your system has been infected. If you try to remove these infections, Windows Prime Accelerator will ask you to buy the full version. The Windows Prime Accelerator rogueware injects itself into the system and changes permission policies and modifies the registry. Windows Prime Accelerator is usually installed by the user itself not knowing that this is an actual virus. The threat masks itself as a legitimate program. The possible distribution of the Windows Prime Accelerator varies but is not limited to – downloading fake Windows updates, installing software “supposedly” required to view an online video, clicking on ads or banners, downloading e-mail attachments or receiving files through a social media website or software. [Read More…]