• How to get rid of the Exclusive-gift4you.site Redirects

    How to get rid of the Exclusive-gift4you.site Redirects

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    How to get rid of the Exclusive-gift4you-site Redirects


    What is Exclusive-gift4you.site:

    Threat Classification: Adware

    Recently our malware researchers issued a warning regarding the Exclusive-gift4you.site website. According to our malware researchers lots of users have complained, that the Exclusive-gift4you.site website is randomly opening fake lottery websites and free giveaway of electronic devices, which every experienced computer user will immediatly flag as malicious. Furthermore, these cyber crooks have even chosen the proper domain name – many novice computer users will assume, that the domain name actually appears legit and maybe considered as some kind of a proof, that the Exclusive-gift4you.site website is really giving away tons of lottery prizes, money or high end consumer electronics for freeWell, guess what – only in your dreams!!! I’m very sorry, but Exclusive-gift4you.site won’t give you anything – actually that was not true – you will defenetly get something for free – few lines of maliciuos JavaScript code, which will start generating random redirects, various pop-ups and will show you multiple irriating websites and web ads. Our malware experts strongly recommend you to run a malware scan on your system as soon as you’ve noticed the Exclusive-gift4you.site in your browser – you should scan your system for malicious processes, files and registry entries using some professional malware removal tool, like the SpyHunter 4. The Exclusive-gift4you.site is one of the newly designed malicious websites, which goal is to monetize the already infected systems, but it often is used to spread further infections or to act as command and control server for already infected systems. All these redirects are caused by a malicious browser extension, that has been distributed via one of the many suspicious “software bundles” or ad networks, often exploited by the same cyber crooks. The Exclusive-gift4you.site Ads are caused by an ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The adware is capable of displaying ads on random webpages, including pop-up windows and is compatible with all well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]