• How to remove Capacostarica.com Browser Hijacker

    How to remove Capacostarica.com Browser Hijacker

    How to delete Capacostarica.com Browser Hijacker


    What is Capacostarica.com:

    Threat Classification: Browser Hijacker

    If you have recently installed some free applications or some suspicious programs, you might experience some very annoying web browser behavior – your web browser may take you to some new search engine or other home page like Capacostarica.com, which our security experts concluded to be a dangerous browser hijacker, capable of taking over your web browser search settings and/or new tab homepage settings. Our security advisers came to the conclusion while testing the website after receiving several complaints from our customers. It appears that the Capacostarica.com hijacker has been categorized as a dangerous browser hijacker by the majority of the reputable security researchers around the world. Furthermore, our security researchers also found that the hijacker has been distributed via some suspicious or even dangerous software bundles and has been configured to install itself using silent/stealth installation procedure while the software bundle installs some popular free software, which was the initial wish of the user. Our security department strongly recommends you to avoid any suggestions by Capacostarica.com, however if your computer has been infected by the hijacker and you were not able to restore your search engine & default homepage settings, you should scan your PC for malware, using some reliable & reputable anti-malware software product, just like the SpyHunter 4. All the reputable anti-malware software researchers concluded that the Capacostarica.com hijacker is capable of showing various altered web searches, showing compromised search results full of sponsor ads/links and 3rd party advertising. [Read More…]