• How to remove Aew9eigieng.info Pop-up Ads & Redirects

    How to remove Aew9eigieng.info Pop-up Ads & Redirects

    How to delete Aew9eigieng.info Pop-up Ads & Redirects


    What is Aew9eigieng.info:

    Threat Classification: Adware

    Even though the Aew9eigieng.info (a.k.a. www.aew9eigieng.info) website tries to look and feel just like a legit and normal website, our security researchers took a closer look at it and found out that the unwanted web ads traffic, caused by these Pop-up Ads and Redirects by Aew9eigieng.info is designed and developed only for earning some revenue for the website owners and developers, however these web ads also mean that this PC is infected by a very dangerous malware. Furthermore, our security analysts concluded that these Fake Pop-up Ads and Redirects are caused by a malicious browser extension, that is a part of a dangerous malware infection, capable of infiltrating computer systems without owner’s permission or their consent and which only goal is to get all of your private data including usernames, email addresses, SSNs, Real Names, Postal Addresses, Birthdays, passwords, Credit Card Information and/or other financial data or online bank account information. Our security researchers warned us that the Aew9eigieng.info is a malicious website, used by hackers, attackers or cyber criminals or even cyber terrorists from everywhere to redirect traffic to sponsor links and/or ads and earn revenue by doing it or to promote their Fake Support Service Numbers or just to further spread adware, spyware or other crapware infections. Our security research team also recently issued a warning about the Pop-up Ads & Redirects, they concluded that these are generated by a very dangerous browser extension (browser add-on), which appears to be a part of this adware infection. The adware uses silent or stealth installation methods and was probably contracted while the user has installed some infected software bundle, has started some suspicious or even dangerous P2P network download or was infected when he used not checked torrent download or of course has played some free online game or has installed some program from some suspicious or even dangerous porn site. Another possible way of infecting these PCs is to send an infected SPAM email or could be another active infection. The contamination way is actually of no importance because we need to clear the infection – for further infections I assume your anti-malware software will take care about. Furthermore, we just want to make one thing clear – if you have already saw these Pop-up Ads & Redirects by Aew9eigieng.info, you should consider your PC compromised and we strongly recommend you to run a full system malware scan with some very good and reliable anti-malware software product like SpyHunter 4. Please note, that once activated, the malware infection will try to modify your browser’s’ settings and windows registry database, just to hijack and/or redirect web browser traffic and make the computer recovery even harder. Aew9eigieng.info is a malicious website, used only by cyber criminals, black hat hackers, cyber crooks, cyber terrorists and/or adware creators. The Aew9eigieng.info Ads are caused by a malicious ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The adware is capable of displaying ads on random web pages, which could lead to websites design alterations, however it seems to be compatible with all well-known and used web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Google Chrome. [Read More…]