• How to remove DriverUpdaterPro

    How to remove DriverUpdaterPro

    How to get rid of the DriverUpdaterPro

    How to remove DriverUpdaterPro Ads, How to remove Ads by DriverUpdaterPro, How to remove “by DriverUpdaterPro” adware, How to remove DriverUpdaterPro virus


    What is DriverUpdaterPro:

    Threat Classification: PUP/adware

    Although DriverUpdaterPro claims to be a state-of-the art system optimization tool, our security experts conducted several experiments and they concluded that DriverUpdaterPro should be classified as a dangerous adware and a PUP by the majority of the security researchers on the Net. After running some tests our security team warned us that the Ads by DriverUpdaterPro are generated by a malicious browser extension and although the DriverUpdaterPro pretends to provides many useful features, our security experts concluded that the DriverUpdaterPro is just the next ad-supported malicious program, usually distributed using various dangerous software bundles, that could cause a lot of confusion among the regular users, because they are installed in silent or stealth mode away from the eyes of the regular users! The victims don’t know how did they’ve got the DriverUpdaterPro on their computer!? These questionable software bundles could distribute even more dangerous stuff like modified installers, bad toolbars, rogue anti-virus products or even crypto viruses. You should be very careful, because DriverUpdaterPro uses the stealth or silent installation mode to get on your computer and to start annoying you by showing lots of intrusive ads on almost all web pages you visit or to collects various private browsing data as well as other sensitive information. If you have DriverUpdaterPro installed on your computer, it is very likely that it fills your screen with unwanted & very annoying ads, banners pop-up windows or other 3rd party advertisements. DriverUpdaterPro has been classified as a PUP by the majority of the security experts on the Internet, mainly because of the distribution method it uses – “software bundling” and because of its suspicious behavior on the user’s computer. DriverUpdaterPro uses a malicious browser extension, that is capable of injecting ads into almost every webpage you visit, which could lead to modifying the web page design and content – especially regarding the search results by the major web search engines! Once installed, the DriverUpdaterPro quickly modifies windows registry database and browser’s settings, making the recovery even harder. If you start getting various web ads, claiming that they are – “By DriverUpdaterPro”“Ads by DriverUpdaterPro”, “DriverUpdaterPro Ads”, “Powered by DriverUpdaterPro”, “Brought by DriverUpdaterPro” or “Brought to you by DriverUpdaterPro” – you should consider your computer infected. DriverUpdaterPro appears to work with all the well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. [Read More…]