How to Reset Internet Explorer Web Browser

How to Reset Internet Explorer Web Browser

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When browsing on the internet you can stumble upon a malware or adware programs that will alter your browser settings. You may experience redirection to unwanted webpages or ads that will show up almost everywhere around IE`s main window. You may have your search engine changed as well, which will bring up modified or different search results. You may end up having unwanted, third-party software or toolbars installed on your PC that you never agreed to install.

In order to restore your privacy, you will need to perform an Internet Explorer reset, which will restore IE to its original state. First thing you need to do is restoring your Internet Explorer default settings.

*The following instructions are intended for troubleshooting problems that may be caused by malicious software. Please note that resetting Internet Explorer is not reversible, and all previous settings will be lost after the reset.


Reset Internet Explorer:

1. Close all opened Internet Explorer windows

2. Start IE again.

3. Locate the Tools menu and click on Internet options. (If you don’t see the Tools menu, press Alt key).

4 .When the Internet Options window opens up, click on the Advanced tab.

5. Click on Reset.

6. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window, click Reset.

*Please note that when you select the Delete personal settings check box, you will also remove browsing history, search providers, accelerators, home pages, tracking protection, and activeX filtering data.

7. When Internet Explorer finishes, click Close, and then click OK.

8. Exit and then restart Internet Explorer.

*If you close all visible windows, but you are still receiving an error when trying to reset, you might have processes using IE that are not visible. You can try to restart Windows and then repeat the procedure.

*If you cannot start Internet Explorer, you can press Windows Key + R and then type in inetcpl.cpl in the Run box, and hit Enter. Then follow up the instructions.

After enabling resetting IE on your computer, you should be able to get rid of the malware infections that were infecting your browser. Although, some of these malicious programs are deeply injected into your system and performing an IE reset might not clear them completely, and they might be regenerated. For complete automatic removal recommends SpyHunter.

Resetting Internet Explorer Web Browser – Video Tutorial

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