Was Under Cyber Attack Today

Our Website Is Currently Under Attack


The DDoS attack against has started exactly 7 hours ago and it is still ongoing – however we’ve managed to clear most of the problems and the website should work just fine for most of you. Please don’t be mad if the site loads a 0.2 of the second longer – we’re still under attack for – don’t be mean. We have to re-configure the DDoS protection system, but so far – everything holds and the system continue banning intruder IP addresses. We are aware that all these IP addresses were in fact just previously infected computers, which owners don’t have nothing to do with the actual attack – however We want to tell something to these people – You should PURCHASE something that really helps – obviously free stuff isn’t just good enough. I just wanted to make a fair offer – get the SpyHunter 4, then just perform a quick scan on your computer and take a look at how many issues it will locate – if you want to get rid of all of them, purchase a license – if not – well, you can always try the manual removal method (Manual Removal is recommended ONLY to experienced computer users or enthusiasts – that’s because you can worsen the things – maybe it’s better to know exactly what you are doing – download the SpyHunter Security Suite 4 from the button below:

For more information about the product, please take a look at the SpyHunter’s Description page, the EULA and of course the SpyHunter’s Installation Instructions.

We’ve noticed that the main traffic came from the following countries – Russia, China, Brasil, UK, Poland, Ukraine, Peru, Greece, France, Spain, USA and Germany! But the most interesting were the publications, which these guys were interested in:

How to remove Pop-up Ads

How to remove WorkApp Ads –

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