How to reset Internet Explorer settings to default

How to reset Internet Explorer settings to default
Sometimes adware or malware infections are using browser settings to load their malicious add-ons or browser extensions. That’s why after running a scan with some Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware software, it is recommended to reset your browser’s settings to default. Usually, Anti-Malware software products wont reset browser settings, because you will lose all the data, which is saved there – bookmarks, saved usernames. passwords, cookies etc. If you think that your browser data is important then please proceed with the browser settings backup and just then continue with the settings reset procedure.

Reset Internet Explorer settings to default:

1. Press and hold the Windows Logo key on your keyboard and (while holding it) then press the R key. You should see the Run dialog window.

Step 1 - Windows Logo + R
2. In the Open field of the Run window type inetcpl.cpl and then hit enter on your keyboard or click the OK button

Step 2 - Run Dialog Window - type inetcpl-

3. You should now see the Internet Properties window. Click on the Advanced tab.

Step 3 - Internet Properties Window - Click on the Advanced tab
4. Click the Reset button located at the bottom.

Step 4 - Internet Properties Window Advanced tab - Click Reset Button
5. Select (check) the “Delete personal setting” checkbox and click Reset button at the bottom.

Step 5 - Reset Internet Explorer Settings - Select Delete personal settings
6. A new window will pop-up to inform you about the progress of the resetting process. Once the reset is completed, click at the close button.

Step 6 - Final step - close

Congratulations! You have reset the Internet Explorer settings to defaults.

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