How to Fix RunDLL Error Message BackgroundContainer.dll

Fixing RunDll Error Message BackgroundContainer.dll
RunDll Error

If you are receiving the following message: RunDLL error. There was a problem starting: ‘c:\Users\User\AppData\Local\conduit\BackgroundContainer\BackgroundContainer.dll’ or similar.

 What can you do to repair this error?

RunDLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a legitimate Windows file that executes/loads .dll modules which can be legit or malware related. The RunDLL error message usually occurs when there is a .dll file that was set to run at startup in the windows registry, but the .dll itself is missing. Windows is trying to execute this file but is unable to locate it. Generally such errors might occur when the file was removed during an anti-virus or anti-malware scan. The actual file is gone but there is a registry key associated with it that still remains and Windows is calling the file when you boot up. Since the file no longer exists, Windows displays the so called RunDLL error message. In order to fix this error, you need to remove the associated registry entry so that Windows will no longer try to execute the .dll file on system boot.

In order to remove the annoying background container.dll error, follow the instructions below:

1. Click the “Start” Button and click on “run” (Win XP) or “search” pane (Win Vista/7/8) and type MSCONFIG in the box.

2. Windows will execute Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility. Click on the Startup tab.

3. The Startup tab will show a list of startup items. These are programs that automatically load every time you turn on your computer.

4. Look for any entry related to background container.dll or conduit, if there is any. Uncheck the box and click on the Ok button.

5. Then you might be asked to restart your computer before these changes take effect. Click Restart and your system will automatically reboot.

!!!Please not that you should only work with startup Windows to boot up properly.


Once you are back in Windows or if there was no background container.dll or conduit entry in the startup list, please proceed with the following steps:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools.

2. Open Task Scheduler and click on Task Scheduler Library.

3. Look through the list for an entry related to background container.dll or conduit.

4. If you find such, right-click on it and select Delete.

5. Exit all windows and reboot your PC when done.

If you want to stay protected and avoid any of these infections that produce such error messages, download and try SpyHunter 4 Malware Security Suite now.

We hope that these instructions will help you to get rid of RunDLL error message/background container.dll.

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  1. aalia lyon /

    That’s nice blog , its help you to remove rundll error , click this link and get a free from rundll error .

    Aalia lyon

  2. Roel Rebosa /

    Thank you. It is very helpful.

  3. SAFUAN /

    I am receiving this following message when i start the pc : RunDLL error. There was a problem starting kwfs.dll
    how can i remove this message for everytime.
    thanks for your assist.

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