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What is YAC:

Threat Classification: PUP/adware

YAC or Yet Another Cleaner is a paid system optimizer and registry cleaner that the security specialists consider as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and/or adware program.

YAC is usually bundled with other free software products and is being installed by default, when the user accepts the EULA, while performing an express/recommended installation of that software. There are many cases where users aren`t aware how this software got installed on their computer, leading them to believe that YAC is a virus. This program is also bundled within the custom installer on many reputable download sites, so if you have downloaded software from these websites, chances are that YAC was installed during the software setup process.

The possible distribution of YAC varies, but is not limited to – installing third-party toolbars, free software products, downloading e-mail attachments, clicking on ads or banners etc..

YAC is technically not a virus. However, its operation recalls certain malicious characteristics like bogus alerts or system errors that need to be fixed. YAC appears to be a legitimate application, but it is not recommended for use. The online community states that there are many errors left behind and the ones supposedly fixed have suspicious origin. As from the program itself, one is being offered a moneyback guarantee for the purchase. It is up to you whether to keep it, or to remove from your machine.

!!! Please note that such software could potentially bring up other malware to your computer or even cause a loss of data. Please do not underestimate this.

Removal Process:

There are two ways to remove this infection. It is totally up to you to decide which way you want to go:

1. Automatic Removal Method (recommended for regular or novice users) using a Professional Malware Removal Software.

2. Manual Removal (recommended for PC Experts or Enthusiasts).

Automatic YAC Removal:

We recommend using SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

You can download and install SpyHunter to detect YAC and remove it, by clicking the button below. Once installed, SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect all threats present on your system, but in order to use it as a removal tool, you need to purchase a subscription.

SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect all threats present on your system.

Learn more about SpyHunter (EULA). You can find Install Instructions here: (LINK) SpyHunter`s free diagnosis offers free scans and detection. You can remove the detected files, processes and registry entries manually, by yourself, or to purchase the full version to perform an automatic removal and also to receive free professional help for any malware related queries by their technical support department.
Manual YAC Removal:

!!! Please note: You can remove YAC PUP manually. However, you should proceed at your own risk. Any of these interventions might render your system inoperable. Therefore this manual removal method is highly recommended for PC Experts or Enthusiasts. For regular users, MalwareKillers.com recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security application.

1. Remove YAC Uninstall Entry:

First, you can try to go to Control panel and click on Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7/8) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) and check the Uninstall Programs` List for any entry related to YAC/ YET Another Cleaner or any third-party add-ons, extensions and toolbars. If you find such, double-click on it and try to remove it. Although, please mind that you may not be able to remove it directly from the list.

*(Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs) or “Win + R” keys to open “Run” and type in “control”, then hit enter.

If the above does not work, please try the following:

1. Start Windows Task Manager (right-click on the taskbar and select start task manager) and kill all associated program processes that still may run in the background: YAC / Yet Another Cleaner

Now you should be able to uninstall the YAC using their own uninstaller.

2. Click on the Start button, navigate to All Programs, locate the YAC folder and click on it.

3. You should be able to see the “Uninstall YAC” uninstaller. Left-click on it in order to engage the uninstall process.

4. When the uninstall wizard shows up, click on the uninstall button and confirm the uninstall process. If everything goes smooth, you should be able to uninstall the program successfully.

2. Delete any folders or files related to YAC by checking the following locations:





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  1. LodeHere /

    At first I thought YAC was a rogue program after I read articles about it. So I got in contact with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, asking them why their program did not detect it as malware on my notebook. Or at least as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). They responded that unless there was a good reason for that thy won’t do that, and they didn’t have any good reason they said.

    By hitting “Examine now” on the interface, it scans your computer and cleans it up, but by default it also sets IE to Google if you have another homepage in that browser. Yet via “Protection” you can type in the URL of the homepage you want, and lock it. In my case “www.startpage.com”.

    In “Protection” you can choose from these search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, YAC and Unlocked. So the choice is entirely yours, and you can change it anytime.
    Also, when tried to uninstalll YAC with RevoUninstaller, it didnt work. But it made a change in the default YAC uninstaller, so that after that it cant be uninstalled using Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program > “Yet Another Cleaner”.

    So I contacted RevoUninstaller, and they told me that it was because of YACs anti-virus program. But they gave me instructions on how to do it with their Pro version.
    I’m still in contact with YAC about that issue, and they might come up with a solution, so that YAC can be uninstalled with RevoUninstaller Free also.

    I’ve been exchanging emails with YAC, and they are very friendly and helpful.
    But uninstalling YAC with its default uninstaller works fine. Again,: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program > “Yet Another Cleaner”.

    I’m glad to have it on my laptop now, and donated $10. I’m quite enthusiastic about it as you can see.

    Since I think many other people can benefit from this free program, I’ll surf a bit to see where else it is claimed YAC is a rogue program, and copy/paste what I wrote here on those other fora and blogs also.

    I’ve read some comments saying that YAC doesn’t uninstall and comes back again. That did not happen to me when using the above described uninstall method which takes a minute only.

    I should know: I installed and uninstalled it maybe half a dozen times while exchanging emails with YAC and RevoUninstaller to figure out why it would come back after seemingly having uninstalled it with that uninstaller after a reboot. But uninstalling it as described it was gone every time. I had to reinstall it myself.
    If you would have any difficulty with YAC, just contact them. Again, they are very friendly and helpful. My experience.

    PS: I’m not affiliated in any way with YAC, I’m just an enthusiastic user.

  2. Girfriend in Caracas /

    YAC’s just antother Malware

    1. Troy Smith /

      Hello Sir,
      I’m with you on that!


    2. LodeHere /

      What makes YAC Malware according to you?

      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware double checked at my request, and found nothing wrong with YAC.

      Just do a scan of YAC with that very effective and well known anti-malware program. You can use MBAM for free.
      Do the same with Hitman Pro, another well known respected anti-malware scanner. Can also be used for free.

      None of the above flag YAC as malware.

      But if you have a solid reason for saying YAC is malware, post the details here. .

      1. Troy Smith /

        Hey LodeHere,
        I would classify YAC as a PUP (potentially unwanted program), because of the program behavior described below:

        Unwanted behaviors: computer performance

        You must be able to expect that the actions a system maintenance or optimization program takes towards system performance are actually beneficial. You should be able to maintain the overall quality of your computing experience.

        Software that impairs computer performance may:

        Display exaggerated claims about the system’s health

        Make misleading or inaccurate claims about files, registry entries, or other items on the system

        Decrease computer reliability

        One more thing – this is my personal opinion.


        1. LodeHere /

          Thanks for your reply.

          From the email exchange I had with YAC it became clear that they really want to make their product work well. That’s why the person who emailed with me even gave me his Skype name, and offered to help me to sort out some difficulties I seemed to have seemingly due to YAC.

          I had recommended YAC leave one’s browser search engine page as set, instead of changing it by default to Google. That was accepted as a good suggestion and be implemented I was told by my -indeed very friendly- YAC correspondent.

          To find out it it had been YAC that seemed to give me some difficulties I had reset my notebook to a complete system backup I have on an external drive made before installing YAC. But the same difficulty was still there. So it had nothing to do with YAC it looks like.

          Frankly don’t want to spend much time on this. Yet I’m willing to install YAC once more after making a new system backup first to safe 7 of the 8 new safety Windows updates that just came in. (I’m using a Skype version from before Microsoft bought it and connected it to Facebook, which I dislike and don’t have. So I uncheck the Skype update.)

          I wonder if YAC really changes detrimentally one’s pc performance. And in case that would be so, what that detrimental change -or those changes- would be.

          Now that I don’t have YAC on my notebook I still get a few “Cannot connect to server” or similar messages sporadically. But seldom. See if that changes negatively after installing YAC again..That is the only minor difficulty I have only once a day or so after hours of surfing now without YAC. A reboot always solves it.

  3. LodeHere /

    Correction of typo, I wrote “safe” meaning “save” in “to save 7 of the 8 new safety Windows updates”.

  4. dave malyon /

    Computeractive magazine bigged up YAC even had a workshop on it but come time to uninstal its a nightmare and i still havnt got rid of it i thought i had but the controlling thing still pops up each time a program does something to allow or not…so annoying!!

  5. LodeHere /

    Try to uninstall it in safe mode.

    I’m not using YAC anymore, as Emsisoft-Anti-Malware, Online Armor firewall, Sandboxie, Malwarebytes, AdShield, and CCleaner Pro set to automaically clean my browsers after closing them is plenty good enough to keep my laptop clean for me.

    I’ve saved a full system backup and incremental ones on an external drive using the free version of Backupper. In case of a software or malware issue on my Windows 8.1 machine I’m back in business in 20-25 minutes.

  6. LodeHere /

    By default automatic system restore point making is disabled in Windows 8 and 8.1, so it is a good idea to activate it. Then you have the option to reset your pc to the earlier state when the problem issue was not happening yet.

  7. LodeHere /

    I just found this one on YouTube (copy/paste in YT search bar):

    “How to Uninstall Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) Manually”

  8. LodeHere /

    Only now do I see that SpyHunter is a program that you have to pay for to have it remove anything unwanted it might find.

    I also saw a clip YT review of it made in 2013, and it did not score as well as Malwarebytes. Hopefully they improved it by now.

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